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"Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible."
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this bitch out here trying to make me catch feelings (and it works!!! you freak!!!!! stop that))

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Salome dances her dance of the seven veils,
The men all eye her like wolves on the hunt, this beautiful girl
finally undressing for them. Finally they can see her
exactly as they want to.
The first veil drops.

In 2007, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend
released their sex tape against her will.
Kim Kardashian, rather than hide in shame
Used the publicity to promote her own career.

Salome moves like a dream half-remembered.
Salome dances like a siren song. All the men ache
to see the hot sugar of her hip bones.
The second veil drops.

In 2014, Kim Kardashian walks down the aisle
As the whole world watches. If only all of us
were so successful in our revenge.
If only all of us stood in our Louboutin heels
on the backs of the men who betray us,
surveying the world we created for ourselves.

The third veil drops.

Kim Kardashian knows exactly what you think of her.
She presses the cloth tighter against her skin
Her smile is a promise she never intends to keep

We can almost see all of her.
Salome shows us her body
but never her eyes.
The fourth veil is dropping.

The four things most recently tweeted at Kim Kardashian were
@KimKardashian Suck My Dick
@Kim Kardashian Can I Meet Kanye?
@KimKardashian Please Fuck Me
@KimKardashian I Love You. I Love You.

Women are told to keep their legs shut.
Women are told to keep their mouths shut.
Some women are kept silent for so long,
They become experts in the silent theft of power.
The fifth veil has dropped.

Kim Kardashian made $12 million dollars this year
Yesterday, uncountable men in their miserable jobs,
told their miserable friends that Kim was a “dumb whore”
Kim Kardashian will never learn their names.

The sixth veil has dropped.
The seventh veil has dropped.

And Salome sat beside King Herod. And he swore unto her
“Whatsoever thou shalt ask of me, I will give to thee
unto the half of my kingdom”
And she smiled, and said
“Bring me the head of John The Baptist.
Punish the man who hurt me”

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color-pink asked: Hey! I read ur article about the blogger turned celebrity turned blogger and I was really interested and curious, particularly the line "there may never be another Tavi" because there won't! And it's the same for all these bloggers turned celebrity, like we may never have this kind of every-girl-turned-superstar moment ever again? I'm just curious to know where you think the future of new media is going like how long can anyone just start a blog and have it be successful? A year? Forever? Idk



The short answer is that I think that already passed, if you’re asking if people can just start a fashion blog and succeed or whatever. I got in at the right time and I found my purpose and built it up. I don’t have any advice for people who want to start now because I don’t think my advice would apply anymore. There is no ten step plan for blogging success. At least, not one I would endorse. I also don’t actually read fashion blogs anymore and find the highest grossing ones truly fascinating because they are the ultimate blanda. (No shade 2 them, I respect the hustle for middle america! Daily outfit blogging is amazing! It’s just not my agenda at all!)

The long answer is I think you need to be more specific about what kind of blog you’re aiming for in terms of your audience. Mommy blogging is already saturated. Fashion blogging is solidified — it might change but it’s replicating the hegemony of larger cultural practices in terms of who can succeed and how to do so. I wrote about this in detail for The Style Con already. You also have to tell me what you mean by “successful”. Is it a book deal? Is it a certain readership traffic #? Is it a certain number of brand collaborations? Is it a job offer afterwards? Success comes in different forms. I don’t have the brand collaboration background of other fashion bloggers, but I parlayed my fashion blogging into a career in the industry as a fashion writer on the other side of editorial. I can’t speak in detail about the future of new media and where I think it’s going beyond that, though. That’s some brand consultant and forecasting shit I get paid to do — and I wanna keep it that way. Bills to pay, etc! I hope I helped regardless. 

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"I don’t want your love unless you know i am repulsive, and love me even as you know it."
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MOKO  // Your Love [x]

Go off



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color-pink replied to your post: amorinvitute replied to your post: 2ra…

i think people rly want to know how u get ur work ethic. Would I change my skin routine testing a shit ton of products for a month for one article? Hell no. Ur just slaying tbh ^^

I feel like I have really weird work ethic? I don’t know, I never feel like I’m doing enough. I recognize this sounds ridiculous to outsiders but I just feel like I should be doing twice as much in a day. I never go to bed satisfied with what I’ve done for the day, not ever. 

A thing I’ve started going this year though and particularly in the last few months is I have this gigantic list I share with my friends, we call it the UBERLIST, and we all hold each other accountable (we don’t nag or shame about it, we just check in) and encourage each other towards our goals. The typical list for each of us is about 80 points or something, some of us have more than a hundred. I think I’m the only freak who’s done about 95% of mine. I have to add more. 

I also make a list of my priorities for the day at the beginning of the day and don’t go to sleep until 75% of it is done. And I list my hopes for the next day, at night, like a prayer. i decided to do it after reading about my hero/friend/mother hen haley’s work ethic on adult. i basically just shape my existence around her, no big deal.

I still don’t think I get enough done tho lol 

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They look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the genius computer hacker

I didn’t know I needed this but oh, I do



They look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the genius computer hacker

I didn’t know I needed this but oh, I do

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hollaback1945 asked: do u have any tips on pushing yourself towards future career + ambition as a teen? esp. going into a field as a minority party, presenting a different perspective, etc-- what are your methods, how do you focus on your goals & stomp everything in the path of them, how do you stay motivated and demand to be taken seriously, i want to dominate & i know i can (i'm going into computer science/tech) but need help w/ motivation, starting steps, how do u set urself up for success, mistakes & victories?



  1. stay hungry
  2. you’re replaceable unless and until you prove otherwise
  3. stop focusing on having a method and just do things 
  4. own up and embrace and recognize your mistakes
  5. nobody has time for your ego
  6. don’t apologize for your thoughts or feelings as a matter of politeness or habit
  7. never assume that when people disagree with you they are attacking you personally — it’s honestly not about you
  8. don’t fuck with energy vampires 
  9. find people smarter than you and make them your best friends and mentors 
  10. if you’re running a long game, everyone is important — remember that
  11. see step one, and memorize 

i honestly have never needed motivation or lacked ambition when it has concerned my dreams though. like, it might take me awhile to finish a story or whatever, but…..the hustle???? has never???? been something??? i needed to be convinced into??? take what is yours. it is there. it is waiting. if you don’t, someone else will. you’re not the only one who wants it.

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I wrote about Lana Del Rey and Maleficent for The New Inquiry.

"Del Rey’s timbre instantly evokes the atmosphere of her oeuvre. More than a hazy, Instagram-y dream world, it’s a signature dissociative state—being sad but feeling beautiful, observing one’s own desolation through the lens of a tingling body high.”

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Marc Jacobs, Spring/Summer 2012


Marc Jacobs, Spring/Summer 2012

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